Activities of the project

The main activities that this project involves: ISO Consultation 12 tourist actors (6 in Bulgaria and 6 in FYROM) ensuring sustainability of previous project Freshair 2 and a confirmation of good practice to increase the economic capacity of tourist activity in the border region. The second major activity is the exploration of the Tourist stimul travel. Travel tourism stimulus incentive travel, which is designed to motivate or cause action, as a reward for employees or business partners. This encourages loyalty and encourage the best talent for the organization increase tourism flows in the region. Research on tourism incentive travel will be done in 11 municipalities in the eastern region of the Republic of Macedonia and 14 municipalities of Blagoevgrad region and to determine how companies are willing to use it as a reward for their employees and how many tourist attractions are ready to They offer such as tour packages, vouchers, etc. to employers. As a result it will be printed three language book and distributed in all municipalities of the selected area to promote the method of tourism incentive travel as a tool for encouraging the economic attractiveness of the border region. The newsletter will be printed in 4 editions in Bulgaria and Macedonia, each trimester, to promote the region – tourist attractions, hotel vouchers and incentive travel packages with an emphasis on family tourism business as project sustainability FRESHAIR 2 and will be distributed in all municipalities in the project area. Website of the project will be attached to the existing website of the project FRESH.AIR and will be updated correctly during the project implementation.

Project results

Increasing competitiveness of tourism entities after being consulted on integration of ISO standards (12 organizations); Increased cross-border movement of people and exchange of goods and services in the field in research and publication of results from the tourism incentive travel; publication and distribution of tourist newsletter (4 issues).