Iso consultation

The main activities that this project incorporates are: ISO Consultations for 12 tourist actors (6 in Bulgaria and 6 in FYROM) which assure sustainability from the previous project Freshair 2 and represent an affirmation of a good practice to increase the economic capacity of the tourist business in the cross-border region.
Completed Consultancy services for 12 companies from the tourism sector for the implementation of ISO standards and were given a complete package of documentation


Incentive travel

The second major activity is the Incentive travel research. The incentive travel is a business travel that is designed to motivate or trigger action, as a reward for these actions from employees or business partners. This fosters loyalty and encourages the best talent for an organization increasing the tourist flows in the region.
The Incentive travel research will be done in the 11 municipalities of the East region of FYROM and in the 14 municipalities of Blagoevgrad district and is to establish how many companies are willing to use it as a reward to their employees and how many tourist attractions are willing to offer such tourist packages, vouchers etc. to employers
Elaborated study with analysis of field research for the mood of companies to use this method and different templates of incentive programs who can use by companies offering or looking for the incentive travel stimulus.

Incentive Travel Research Book

Publication of bulletin and trilinguistic book

Four  edition of the bulletin was published and disseminated in 11 municipalities of east region in Macedonia in 660 copies  and  in 14 municipalities of Blagoevgrad district in 980 copies  for every trimester.

Buletin 1

Buletin 2

Buletin 3

Bulletin 4


Trilinguistic Book FreshAir 3

 The trilingual book  with the results from Incentive travel research   was printed in 200 copies and disseminated  on 2 INFO days,  on 2 Final project conference and in the region of  both partners.


Info day

Successful organization of two Information days, one in Blagoevgrad on 28 June 2017, Bulgaria In Business center and one in Stip in Hotel Izgrev on 14 July 2017.During these information days the participants (30 people for each day) were informed about the projects’activities, and results that have been achieved.

Final Press Conference

On October 10, 2017 in the Hotel Izgrev Stip was held a FINAL PRESS CONFERENCE of the project.

The final press conference presented the results achieved within the project


On date 25 January 2017 a Partner Meeting was held in the office of the “JTS Strumica” between the Chamber of commerce and industry- Blagoevgrad , Republic of Bulgaria, and the Woman’s Organization Shtip (WOS), FYR Macedonia


Promo materials for INFO DAY

Preparation and dissemination of 60 package of  materials(notepads, pens, presentations etc.) for the Info day for both partners.